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Workplace collaboration & blockchain SaaS, Japan

Kenja is a Tokyo based company that helps organizations communicate and collaborate better so you can spend more time working rather than trying to make things work. We have all the tools a business could need, from file sharing to tasking and video chat, is right there on one platform.


We have integrated blockchain into our software as a service (SaaS) platform to improve security, traceability, proof of certification, intransparent due diligence, and risk management.

Curve grid 300 png.png

Blockchain tooling startup, Japan

Curvegrid’s MultiBaas blockchain middleware provides all the critical infrastructure you need to build a decentralized application (DApp) on one or more blockchain platforms, so you can focus on crafting your decentralized vision.

Morganet-01 Original_sharp

Tech startup, Singapore

Our mission is to empower men & women with knowledge of technological advancement through our upskilling programs, in-house hackathons, and developing proof of concepts with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, IoT renewable energy, and deep tech.

Avalon Holding Logo 300x300.png

IT Outsourcing, Vietnam

At Avalon, we lead businesses and agencies in achieving efficiency and effectiveness by taking them into the e-world, becoming their partners in the e-revolution. We understand that all clients have their own specific business dreams and goals.

Kotani Pay - monochrome transparent squa

Blockchain Technology stack, Kenya

Kotani Pay is a technology stack that enables blockchain protocols, dapps, and blockchain fintech companies to integrate seamlessly to local payment channels providing them with a reliable on ramp and off ramp service to reach a wider customer base in Africa.


Our mission is to serve as a frictionless bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies for new adopters in search of alternative payment systems.


Software development &  blockchain services, Japan

iCraft is a software development and system integration company. We develop custom applications, support the use of open source softwares and provide blockchain services such as for digital Hanko, traceability of documents and certifications.


We also have international subsidiaries in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Mongolia. 


Training & consulting, Slovenia

DAO Leadership / Grace provides training for individuals and teams in communications skills, teamwork, project management and leadership. She also provides consulting on tokenomics, business viability, marketing and business strategy, and investor relations. She has experience in writing whitepapers and business plans for startups, blockchain companies and technology founders for more than 30 years. Grace is a mentor at Microsoft Ventures & Google Startup.

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Video animation, Singapore

Hypefibe Animations is an explainer video agency, where we professionally create high converting animation videos. We help you to articulate your brand and products/services innovatively in a short and engaging video. Our experienced animations team has created more than 500 videos to our satisfied clients.  

WID 300x300.png

Web & Mobile app, and Gaming development, Bangladesh

Women in Digital (WID) is dedicated to promote women and girls’ education and empowerment through technology. Established in 2013, WID aims to create digital platforms to support, promote and empower women and girls in areas of information and technology. Women in Digital is concerned about the existing digital and gender divide within IT sector and thus is focused to unpack these challenges and offer practical solutions along with advocating for inclusive and empowering policy provisions. We also express our global solidarity on the same.

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World blockchain hackathon startup, San Francisco

World Blockchain Hackathon is a San - Francisco (USA) based company, and has been organizing blockchain-focused hackathons since 2017. In October 2020 the company launched Babylon Project - a 3-day virtual blockchain and AI hackathon for the first time. The goal of The Babylon Project is to create a global platform-agnostic blockchain developer community.


They have adopted a much more inclusive and developer-focused approach to drive innovation, find proteges & connect them with awesome mentors, investment & global partners.


Business incorporation & funding platform, Japan

Startup japan is a seamless platform that provides support for foreign entrepreneurs to establish business in Japan. Our support ecosystem comprised of an integrated network with governmental sector, startups, and legal advisors in Japan.


This enable foreign entrepreneurs to engage a comprehensive service which include legal advisory, incorporation, visa applications, loans, and subsidies applications. All communications are in English. 

finetiq_intero 300x300.jpg

Fintech consulting, Japan

Finetiq is a FinTech consulting and business development firm operating primarily in Hong Kong and Japan. Finetiq’s team of capital markets and technology veterans is focused on supporting FinTech companies develop and implement highly effective business models across Asia.

Convex Logo.PNG

Blockchain sandbox, London

Convex Foundation is an open, decentralised technology platform for the Internet of Value. By harnessing a novel consensus algorithm (Convergent Proof of Stake) it enables smart contracts for secure digital value exchange with unmatched scalability and performance. Developers are using Convex to implement sophisticated digital assets and trusted data solutions. The Convex Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to effective operation of the Convex network and supporting entrepreneurs and developers building powerful decentralised applications using Convex technology.

FF Singapore (2).png

Entrepreneur platform, Singapore

Future Females is a global movement to inspire more female entrepreneurs, and better support their success. By providing a platform digitally, physically and emotionally where women can connect, inspire and collaborate with each other, and access the resources they need to succeed.

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Partnerships for disruptive IT, Tokyo

Asia Focus GK provides specialized technology sales and implementation services. Our mission is to drive sustainable growth for startups and early growth stage companies building innovation solutions in data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, healthcare and renewable energy. We accelerate the market adoption of these solutions by bridging the interests of commercial enterprises with the capabilities and expertise of emerging technology companies in Asia. The benefits: market leadership and increased sales for our clients.

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