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Our Mission

Kobe international blockchain research centre is a platform for digital enthusiast to learn, collaborate with startups and businesses, and build networks around the world. 

Focusing on blockchain research and development, we provide education and awareness on technological advancement including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and Internet of Things (IOT) that could integrate with distributed ledger technologies (DLT). 


ブロックチェーンの研究と開発を中心に、分散型台帳技術と一体に進化するAI(人工知能)やマシンラーニング(機械学習)、IoT(Internet of Things)をはじめとする教育を展開し、技術進歩への気づきを与えます。


Our Team


We are a group of entrepreneurs from various industries that has experienced  challenges in adapting to emerging technologies.  We have seen and acknowledged the importance of having support ecosystems, within communities across different countries to understand emerging technologies and connecting with people around the world as we step into the world of digital transformation.


This will empower people with knowledge and networks that could pave roads to achieve dreams. 




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